About the Innocent Bystanders

What is the new band and where did it spring from?
The new ensemble - like Uncle Bill - is firmly rooted in acoustic music styles, but unlike Uncle Bill, much of the influence for Innnocent Bystanders comes from the seventies… the 1970’s??? That big acoustic void! …Not true ! The music of Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks sprang from this period. While it seemed that everyone else was rocking out in make-up, glitter and platform shoes, Dan was just starting to do his own acoustic & very cool thing…

A New band and a new sound!
It’s acoustic swing, flavored by bossa and salsa and even a of bit country at times. A major feature are two female voices that duck and weave around a dead-pan smooth jazz-style vocal. Songs range from Payday Blues to the epic Moody Richard (the innocent bystander himself), and Canned Music - warning of the dangers of live music where “my baby left me for the drummer.” Kinda funny songs but often with a darker side, all rich with harmonies and complex arrangements. It mixes up quite a bit, from story songs to just plain jive : the deeper you listen, the better it gets.

Next Event:

Boite Music Cafe w. Noriko Tandano
Saturday 19th September 2009, 8pm
1 Mark Street, North Fitzroy
Price: $16/$11
Bookings: 9417 1983

Dan Hicks & the Innocent Bystanders
July 2009, 24th & 25th
Tivoli, Fortitude Valley, QLD
Concert featuring brand new Bystander, Mr. Dan Hicks
For Bookings: QLD Music Festival